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Setting up a over 60s rate for my rooms


this is my first time here and we have been running our BnB for 5 months. My question is how do I set up a standard rate for my over 60s bookers. so that only my senior bookers can book this rate.


would really appreciate your help on if this can be done or not. thanks so much in advance.

Kathy @ Woodbank Estate Bed and Breakfast

BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Kathy /Andrew,


There is no such feature... but having said that how I would implement  it is...


  1. Guest makes a booking
  2. Guest must provide a PhotoID such as Drivers License , passport which should have their birthday on it.
  3. On Day of arrival, if they check -in (not a No Show ,and dont cancel), you then offer them a partial refund either directly or ask Partner Support to add a note to do it.

Or you could includera new photo with text saying Over 60s rebate offered on new bookings from date to date.


Then put it also into the auto message template near top for new bookings, asking them to submit in advance the ID with date of birth clearly shown to validate the offer.


Kind Regards


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