Shortened stay


We have customers who have made a reservation for 2 nights and finally will stay only one night. Do i have to refund the second night? And how?

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BrookAve 1 year ago



  • entirely depends on a number of factors
    • Did they prepay?
    • was it to you or BdC ?
    • what rate plan type is it ?
      • non refundable
      • or flexiable
    • what cancel policy is set up if any ?
      • does it say guest must pay for partiial first night or other?
    • Do you have to refund the 2nd night , technically no, but subjective :
      • If the reservation was a non refundable rate and prepaid, then no but still up to you if you want to.
      • If you want to do 50% of the night rate and not 100% of the nightly rate, that would be fair due to the short notice and 1% chance of getting a replacement booking.
      • If its a SMART FLEX (risk free booking), then fair enough, but make sure no restrictions are applied to that date such as minimum length of stay. and dont alter it suc has increaing min. length of stay, BdC will not cover it if you do.
  • To do the partial refund for 50% of nightly stay, either message or phone partner support with the instruction.
    • better to message it in first in great detail so no ambiguity, then follow up with a call if you must.
    • theres nothing you can do to expedite it when the prepayment was between Guest and BdC, 
    • If the guest prepaid you then it s up to you to handle that.




 no one here but us leprechauns , contact partner support. 


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VAT number enter as CC1234567L  Where CC is country code



Olivier PELLIZZARI 1 year ago

Thanks for your fast answer.

They have prepayed BdC and through Hotelston...!

I think it's to complex for such a low payment.

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BrookAve 1 year ago


then its not complex if they pre paid BDC via Payments by Booking... just pick up the phone and call partner support