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Show and Tell: What's the best piece of advice you've heard from another partner on the Forum?

Last month, you exchanged 175 votes and 86 thank you's to one another. From linen tips to extranet tricks, the Forum grows each day with new advice from partners like you. 

We’d love to know: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve heard from another partner on the Forum? Share in the comments below!

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M Adamopoulou 5 years ago

Thanks Laura for this topic. I’ve learnt so much in this forum it’s very hard to remember. As a newbie so many things all mixed up in my mind. Thanks to fellow partners hosting is getting easier and easier. From the very start I am following Leandri and I am so lucky. She is so helpful and always to the point. Thanks Leandri once again for being here for us.

Chefallan57 5 years ago

Thank you for your help I have a question for the forum I have just had two guest staying when they arrived at home they smoke ing cannabis in there car witching I was not happy about they agree not use in my house .To cut a long stories short the pair had a shower and went out for the evening and had a row she came back alone and cried and kicked my furniture and screamed of and all night then put back review on the site only two days before I two guest stay and left wondering note to to say was wonderfully there say had how take there comment

monet208 5 years ago

Not to bother to post a problem you are experiencing with over A PROBLEM SUCH AS getting a bad review removed because the guest tells lies or one of the many many other problems partners have put on this Forum

Why not to bother ?? Quite simply because BC will for 99.99% of the disputes take the guest side

Laura is I am sure a lovely person -who I am sure sympathises with all the problems with have- but she has no more power to get things changed than a wet guest towel

Senior management from GT down will tinker with problems,take credit for small changes,talk about these wonderful trials BC are doing BUT NOTHING REALLY CHANGES because MONEY MATTERS MORE THAN PARTNERS TO THEM

Larrywilliamstomato 5 years ago


I can sympathise with you over this drug issue, a very similar thing happened to me during this last summer, I had some overnight guests a family of 4 and they have me a very bad review, the 5 complaints ended with "and as we walked to the car park we had to pass a couple of people sitting near the car park smoking cannabis which was not nice for our children" Now I have no idea of they were smoking cannabis or whether this was real and genuine, and so My reply to this as I recall was like " I am sorry for this but I have no idea what the couple were smoking, having never ever had experience of drugs in my life, and I have no control over what people smoke outside in my garden or car park".

I may add here that this complaint was most likely genuine, and the other complaints with it all had some substance, and I had a good and genuine answer for all 5 complaints which I may add I worded in a most polite informative and professional way, I may be relatively new to guest room letting/ hosting, but it's very important to remember customers are always right, even if they are mistaken.

The next guests who stayed in this room the next night have given me a really good review.

But of course by then the other couple who were sitting near the car park had checked out, and the other small details were quickly corrected.

It's just that some people's expectations are greater than others.

And it is so true the old saying.

You can please all of the people some of the time.

You can please some of the people all of the time.

But you cannot please ALL of the people ALL of the time.

And with that in mind keep smiling and Happy room letting to all of you.