Sliding scale for cancellations?

Hi there, I am just learning the bdc platform and am struggling a bit with fitting our existing policies into the format required by the site, in particular cancellations. 

Our current policy is: 

90 days+ no charge

30-90 days 60%

8-29 days 80%

7 days or less 100%

It is no problem to adjust these % rates to fit with the bdc format of 50/70/90% etc but I cannot see a way to enable more than one category, it seems you can only choose one cancellation period eg 14 days and one % charge. Is it possible to be more flexible on bdc? If not, are there any suggestions as to how to massage my policies to fit the platform better? 




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Account Adviso… 3 years ago

Hello Emily,

I hope you've aligned your cancellation policies on Booking.com.

If you haven't already, do check out this link on how to set up and work with cancellation policy.