Smart lock - How to setup code and advise Guest to self check-in


How can I add a door code for a new Guest and inform them of it.?


Example : Yale Keyless Lock




  • Automatic Message Template - New reservations
    - Update your auto message template for new reservations to state you will send a door code prior to their arrival, e.g. 2 days prior or with in an hour for last minute etc
    - Include a YouTube private link to a how to use lock guide.
    - Easy to make using your smart phone camera
  • Reservation Details - Extranet 
    Note the last 4  digits of the reservation / booking number.
  • Manage Lock Codes by Smart Phone
    - Open the 'Smart Things Classic ' app, 
    - Tap on Smart Locks, and then 'Lock Codes'
    - Tap Add a lock code
    - Enter Who will be using code as "BdC Dec 24th 1N Santa"
    - Tap and assign the code to lock, choosing which smart lock you want to apply the code to.
    - Now enter the last  4 - 6 digits of the booking number.
    - Tap OK to create.
    - Using the photos section you can also add a photo of where the lock is located so they are not standing out side the wrong door, or if it is a porch with outside and inside doors, and the lock is on the inside door and not the outside one.

Remember this lock requires the user to wake the lock by touch, then enter the code and also at end press * (star).


Send a reminder with the video short URL and their personal code at least 48 hours or 2 - 3 days prior to arrival.


Remember not everyone is tech savvy, hence why the video is very handy to see. and sending the info days prior gives them time to view and have their ducks in a row so that they don't turn up at night late , phone  battery depleted, and have not written down their down code.


Even if you are not at home,  pairing with a z-wave 2 module and Samsung smart things hub,
allows you to receive bookings  via pulse app and then in less than 3 minutes,
create a door code and send the guest a message with the info to self check- in.


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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Barry,  thanks for details.

What happens if internet connection fails....what happens then....

Tech savvy...another problem...some guests dont even know how to find their way using GPS maps...and me not very tech savvy either...trying to keep on with tech but its running and I am walking....

Barry, I have said it before.. I am going to say it again....this Community its like  I am going to school again....

Thanks again for helpful info.


BrookAve 3 years ago

Hi  good morning Maria,

The unit has a battery that can run it for months.

So if the power goes out and then a new booking, you can use the keypad to manually enter in a NEW CODE.


Or you can pre-progam and associated the key fobs or NFC card ahead of time as a back up.

These could be also put on the key ring for the bedroom doors as alternative method.




Yale Keyless Connect Key Tag Black



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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Good afternoon Barry,

Thanks for further explanation... I didnt know that you can do it manually.  Thats very good.

My Studio is 85 sq. m. with no bedroom doors...full open to magnificent views....