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The ST Classic App is end of Life  Oct 14th 2020. Non USA region users will not be able to import existing smart locks

There are several apps by Rboyapps.com that can be loaded into the new SmartThings Smart App section 


Target audience and Smart Apps 


Rental & Office Apps License 99-149USD  (includes all Smart Apps and Device Handlers)


Personal License 39usd (includes all Rental Apps, Smart Apps and Device Handlers)


All licenses are per hub, you can contact their support desk  for custom solutions and advise.: 



So how to know which license you need?

Simple answer is none of the rental apps are included in the 39 USD  license.

You would only buy that license if you  or you have some one technically literate, to set up the connection to the OTA API backend and then confirm the entire setup, and do a hand over to you of how to manual check (add, remove users)


While the RLA app will seem tempting to get and has great feedback for OTA hosts on Airbnb, and others, you might be better to just get personal license and then look at the app options for one location.



The license is per location (aka per smartthings hub)

Here is the Smart Apps for non rental user, and the main one you will want to install


Lock User Management


  • Most popular SmartThings app for remotely managing users, creating user schedules, actions and notifications for your door locks. Key features include:
  • Works with ZigBee and ZWave/Plus locks/keypads
  • Unlimited locks and users
  • Sure-Programming engine: verifies that programming was successful
  • Supports different types of locks (keypad, bluetooth, RFID, etc)
  • Create multiple types of user codes
  • Permanent
  • Future expiration with start/end date and time
  • Recurring scheduled with upto 3 schedules per user (daily start/end time and days of week)
  • One time / Use and burn
  • Presence based activation (when people arrive or leave)
  • Mode based activation (codes active only in specific modes like Away, Home, Night etc)
  • Program multiple locks simultaneously to keep them in sync or select locks for individual users
  • Separate actions and notifications for locking and unlocking events (per user or universal)
  • Arming/disarming ADT
  • Custom actions for keypad buttons (arm/stay/away)
  • Delayed actions for exiting house after locking
  • Change modes
  • Turning on/off switches and turning on lights after dark
  • Locking/unlocking secondary locks
  • Opening/closing garage doors
  • Define conditions when to execute or not execute actions based on presence sensors or modes
  • Configure independent rules based how the user locked/unlocked the door (external keypad, inside/outside, remotely, manually, rfid, bluetooth etc) (requires Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock device handler)
  • Configure door open/close events (per door or for all doors)
  • Re-lock door automatically after unlocking or closing (immediately or delayed) with mode restrictions
  • Chime a bell when a door is opened
  • Notify if a door is left open for too long
  • Tamper, jammed and invalid/expired code notifications
  • Support for SMS, push and audio playback devices
  • and much more...


Simple to use, enter a name and a code to program a user. Leave the user name/code blank to delete a user.

This works with any lock that supports remote code programming (Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, Samsung, KeyWe, Philia, IDLock etc). You can see this post to compare lock models. It works with the standard SmartThings Z-Wave Lock and ZigBee lock device handlers. More details with screenshots. 


Users should only be programmed through LUM and all existing codes should be cleared before installing LUM.NOTE: Please ensure that your lock is within 20ft of a buffering device (the hub does NOT buffer)
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please clear all users from the lock before installing LUM or follow the "Clear Codes" procedure after you install LUM, on adding a new lock or if you need to reset all user codes on your lock

There are some other clever apps there too like :

Motion Based Thermostat Temperature Management
Weekday/Weekend (5-2 Day) Thermostat with Remote Temperature Sensor
Ultimate Mode Based Thermostat Temperature Management
Humidity and Temperature Management with Scheduling
Garage Door Manager Open/Close Automatically with Timers
Low Battery Notification and Monitoring
Nuki Manager

and more on : http://smartthings.rboyapps.com/#a3



Summary :

For each location with a ST hub you need at least a Personal license.
If you want to do automated codes for new bookings etc then you need the Rental license
The difficulty level for personal license and to install the L.U.M. smart app into SmartThings is a 5/10. You need phone with ST app current version and access to the pc with browser. Be near the ST hub and lock to test.


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