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SMS Confirmation Problem


My name is Peter Karagianakis and I am the owner of Olive Studios Karpathos. I cannot receive SMS confirmation to access my Extranet dashboard so I can check my reservations and more.  The reason I cannot receive an SMS is becuase I am living in India for a few months for professional purposes. 

I tried the Pulse app recommendation but it does not offer me a password solution. I asked for a call back but no response. 

Can you help me so that my cell phone can recieve SMS confirmation messages while I am in India?


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Rogers Cuevas 1 year ago

If you do not receive an SMS confirmation code to access your Pulse Extranet panel, here are some solutions you can try:

Verify that the phone number the confirmation is being sent to is correct and up to date in your Pulse Extranet account.

Make sure your mobile phone has enough signal and battery to receive text messages.

Try requesting the confirmation code again.

If none of the above solutions work, please  you can use a free vpn called gethotspotshield free

I hope this helps. Good luck!

Rogers cuevas 

Reservs manager inc

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