Somebody's using my property's name illegally !!!

 To my horror, I recently discovered that another nearby property is using my property's name and pulling all my guests away while my property is empty !! I called and wrote to www.booking.com informing them that while we have been business partners for part 6-7years, here's a new upstart who's perhaps trying to cash in on our reputation....they are also undercutting our prices as they have nothing much to offer in terms of infra or facilities !! Incase any of you faced such a helpless situation and even others, pls share your ideas...I will be grateful, thanks a ton in advance.


Note: All my hopes for support from booking.com have been dashed because, however weird it may seem, they are perfectly okay with two different properties having the same identical brandname !!!


Warmest Regards,


BrookAve 1 year ago

If its a registered brand name all you need do is report them to the local council to shut them down or forced it changed.