We are getting on average 2 bookings a day from China that are SPAM bookings - more often the credit card is invalid but that seems to have changed with card numbers being used that pass the booking.com validity test.

Other points to note is that the email address and phone numbers are not passing through our channel manager Siteminder to the PMS - this may or may not be due to Booking.com passing on the data.

We are surely not the only one having these issues??

Booking.com are being less than helpful and we will close down the channel if we can't stop these unwanted reservations as its messing with our inventory and causing unnecessary work in follow-ups and cancellations.

Can anyone in this forum give us advice on this?

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fluff 3 years ago

Make BDC advance, non refundable, payment or at least a non refundable deposit. No more duff bookings.

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Brendan Kerchoff 3 years ago

Jeepers I am so glad that I read this.

Because I too receive a ton of bookings, where at the time I would believe this particular booking to be true and real.

Then, come time just before the reservation is due, it turns into a cancellation where the reply from the guest always seems so vague and not quite directed to reasoning.

For me, this costs me money as now we have a fake guest which has booked potential dates which are not real essentially, where as a legit booking could not be booked due to others taking it's spot.

This drives me dilly indeed.