Specific Category Score Evolution - A Request for Help


I am part of a company that is a Booking.com partner and I have a doubt that hopefully someone can help me with.

I'd like to check the evolution of some specific service categories over time, based on guest review. For example, I'd like to know how the "Staff" field has evolved over time (if it's lower now than a month ago, or higher), according to guests. Same for other categories such as "Facilities", "Comfort", "Breakfast", and so on.

Hopefully someone with more experience and insight than me can answer if such a feat is possible, and if yes, how to do it. I did search Booking's Analytics section, but all I could find was general scores.

Kind regards,

Paulo Januário

BrookAve 3 years ago


I would say ignore the sub categories as they have no bearing on rating at all.


As for the primary , like Staff, no nothing has changed since the major ovehaul was done to it.