Suggestion to booking.com: guests' Opt-in of important information (The Fine Print) before finalizing reservation

The subject explains itself.

The majority of the guests don't read the important information about our properties and then blame us about hiding those information.

I suggest that during the reservation process a final opt-in showing the important information and asking an agreement click is shown to each and every guest as a form of protection for us so-called partners.

Please make this thread big if you agree with me.

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Tangiers Resor… 4 years ago

Yes, this is important.  People do not read and do not feel as if they are signing a contract when they book from you.  Placing a radial button they have to click that they did read the contract would be great.

Lower Tresmorn… 4 years ago

Yes I think it would be a really good idea. Guests do not generally read the small print and house rules properly until after they have booked and we as hosts have little influence on property descriptions so cannot easily highlight important things like child age restrictions and no pets in a B&B or specific access issues.

Platttekloof Lodge 4 years ago

I totally agree, guests not reading the vital small print in regards to our house rules and policy’s is a major problem especially during the peak season and guests wants to book asap while there is still availability without bothering to read the fine print. Upon check in, all hell breaks loose when the reception goes over the fine print and house rules, so much unnecessary drama however you also run the risk of loosing the booking.

Kurrara Histor… 4 years ago

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I completely agree and always mention it to my representative when they do visit. Both the fine print/additional info and the prepayment/cancellation policies are so frequently overlooked by guests in their rush to secure the reservation, it causes so many unnecessary issues. I've often requested an unavoidable "i have read and understood the terms and conditions of this booking" style step to the booking process but alas, never happened in the many years we've been with booking.com.

When a very upset guest rears their head over a policy they "didn't see", I've taken to letting them know they should file a complaint with booking.com about information visibility as there isn't anything I can do, but they might listen to customers with enough notices.

Also the same issue for guest check in times vs. our available check in times!