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Sweet extras

I have several properties and recently I took care about one. I have added few things (cheap or even free!) like:
Flowers in the plastic bottles (as glass vases might break, especially in the bathroom) - completely free
Ribbons on the towels (it was nice to see how one lady put it on the lamp in a lovely way)
Extra paintings with no frames and hooks. I just put them everywhere they can stand
Napkins in the napkin holder. I arranged them in a simple, but nice way
Review from my previous guest. Put it on the refrigerator
Small extras everywhere (extra toilet paper, soap still packed, few candies)

It was really almost free, but the guests wrote extremely nice review and personal feedback. Also, they cleaned the condo and even washed the towels (I was so surprised) ! So, I know that small things do matter.

I am thinking of adding more extras though I think that they must be really nessesary, not another reason to complain about!

What EXTRAS do you think are nice?

So far my ideas are:

Extra phone charger
Charging station
International adapter
Board games (chess anyone?)
Coloring books and pencils for kids
Notebook with pencil (ala business hotel)

What else?

I can't add candles as we have smoke detectors...

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Sweet Katerinka12 you named them all...except with bubbles...ha....ha...ha....

Katerinka I have a very nice desk and in the first drawer I have notebooks, pens, pencils, pencil sharpener, ruller, envelope opener, small paper reminders, paper clips, rubber bands, ribbons, sellotape, torch light etc.

Although I have books, puzzles and many toys for kids I prefer not to have coloring books and pencils, I am afraid that small kinds could get away and color furniture. walls etc.

In the bedroom area I have colored boxes with facial tissues They are very useful. For ladies that sometimes forget their hair pins I have hair ribbons, pins, bands etc.

In the bathroom I have two small baskets with personal toiletries. A pink one for ladies and a blue one for men. Guests never use them because they bring theirs but they love the idea that they are there for them.

Sometimes, little things matter....

These are some little

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Katerinka12 4 years ago

Ladies and men baskets are great. For safety reasons I would not add candles (smoking alarms might ring). I thought about pencils as they might end up on the wall. But chalks should not be the problem?

"books, puzzles and many toys for kids"

Do kids actually use them?

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Well Idont realy know about chalks. It depends. You have to make sure that they are washable. If I remember correctly it was fluff that was cautious with kids crayons.

I have a kids corner in my Studio since the toys are actually my grandaughters. Kids love them, even though kids now days have some many toys they love finding new toys that are waiting for them to be explored.

A partner suggested also toiletries for kids.

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Katerinka12 your pictures are very funny and fluffy.
Yes, you are right Eugenia was cautious with kids crayons.
Have a great Sunday.

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Don Burns 3 years ago

We provide:

  • Small bars of unscented soap that are individually wrapped.  Guests find this more sanitary than a large soap bar used by other strangers.
  • Plastic wring-pens and small paper note-pads that have our lodging's website, e-mail and telephone number.
  • Advertising rack-cards that have guestroom photos and our contact information.

Rack card


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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Little extras are always so sweet and guests appreciate them. I love your ad rack-cards. They look very nice and with info that guests would like to know

Take care.