Hello, I'm having a problem with booking.com calendar synchronization. Is there a limit how many moths booking.com exports my calendar?

Because i need to show in my website that my property will be closed after September 15th but, calendar doesn't export this. It show open and closed dates exactly until 15th but nothing after it. I've downloaded synchronization file to my computer and it shows the same thing, so problem is not my web or how i do it. Problem is that somehow booking.com does not export info after September 15th

Please help

Here is the link - https://admin.booking.com/hotel/hoteladmin/ical.html?t=3b4d3926-969d-4d…


BrookAve 3 years ago



sounds like you just want to export only from BdC calendar but automatically.


Unfortunately that's not going to work if there are room types where the room count is > 1.


and when its only Count of 1, it is still not reliable unless you have something external scheduling a pull request. such as a channel manager tool from a 3rd party.



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