Hello. I'm Adelia. I have a house on booking with the price of €100 per night and 20% discount until the end of this year. So, in my understanding, I should receive 80€ for one night minus booking fees. Customers, in my opinion, should pay €80 per night and I should receive €80 minus the fees of €10.20 + €0.82 per night (These are the values ​​per night that appear on the monthly booking invoice), so I would have to receive €68.98. But I get €63.40 per night booked and I don't understand why, and I can´t find in booking the reason for that difference. I also don't understand why customers pay booking 74€ per night and not 80€. Please can someone explain? Thank you.

BrookAve 1 year ago



Likely its the taxes and VAT but usually a breakdown on the reservations details page too. once you click on it to expand it out.



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