Template Scheduler QUESTION

Good evening everyone from Thessaloniki, Greece!

well i am trying to set some automated messages and i have (i hope) a simple question.

i have already created the template which includes my question in two languages, English and Greek.

My question is if Booking.com knows in which exactly language (Greek or English) to send the message when we have a guest!!! 

I was hoping that this message would be sent in the language that guest has set to communicate.

Particularly, If he/she has set the English language to communicate, AUTOMATICALLY the english message should be sent from the template. If (respectively) has set the Greek language, then the greek message should be sent. If he/she has set any OTHER language, the english message should be sent.

However, i saw the hint below the template set procedure (i have attached a photo to make it clear), that confused me a little bit. 

Thanks in advance for your help and time...



BrookAve 4 years ago





The simple answer is you have already done it correctly.

The english version is always the default if nothing else detected nor matches what is available.


Kind Regards



so if a greek books, the message will be sent in greek language right?


what about if a french books////??? will the message be sent in the default language.... i mean in english?>

sorry for being so annoying