Termination Notice Accommodation Agreement

Hello everyone,

I received  Termination Notice Accommodation Agreement without any explanation why considering that I have always been on top of my financial responsibility to the website and do not see anything out of order in regards to my property profile. 

Has anybody experienced this? I find it very insulting not to have any explanation, just decided that "It is not good enough?"


BrookAve 4 years ago

Pick up the phone and ring the finance department contact first.


This could just be an auto letter error.

Yoann 4 years ago

I've added 1 apartment to booking.com as a new host (id *** in Cannes, France). Yesterday, I've received one notice without any further information. Booking has terminated the accommodation agreement with immediate effect because of a material breach of contract - article 7.4 (ii) the Accommodation post incorrect or misleading Accommodation information on the Extranet. 

I don't understand this letter. I carefully described the apartment and one customer booked online. On other platform, everything is great and i have no problem.

I've called booking.com to gain additional info, but they always told me that somebody from this specific team will contact me. They never did.


In the meantime, i received two other emails telling me that they canceled my booking reservation saying that i asked Booking to do it. it's just a lie. What would i do that? 

I never asked them anything. Their email is saying that and i deeply think it's not fair.

Words have a meaning. So, now i am losing money because of what Booking did.


Moreover, i read again the section 7.4 of the contract and i didn't see anything wrong with my etablishment. Everything looked ok and i created this account with their help through the phone.

They helped me since the beginning. They controlled everything. I saw online on the community website of https://partner.booking.com that i was not the only one to have that. Some cases got resolved because it was misunderstood somewhere.


I was really happy to work with booking and want to continue this way. I am asking then to somebody to contact me to fix the situation and open it back again. Now i dont have access to anything, included the extranet.

I just want to understand, fix it, and move forward.


Please, i need help.

Thanks a lot.


Yoann 4 years ago


i have the same issue.

Did you fix it?

Please help me i am desperate.