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Is there a Channel Manager that will allow the host to set an automatic close down time each day.

We use feature "Minimum advance reservation" and have set all our rooms to have a cut of time approx 7pm each evening, if they are not booked by then they close down.  We have set this feature as each apartment has a coded lock, there is no reception, we are not always at home in the evenings, and we don't want someone falling out of the local bars and calling us in the middle of the night for a code when they have made a unexpected to us last minute booking.  The heart rate can certainly be affected when your phone goes off at 4 in the morning!

We tried recently to use a channel manager to connect all our other sites together, but this was the only feature they didn't have, which was unknown at the time, and within two days of having the Channel Manager, exactly the above happened, resulting in us having to travel home to deal with the unexpected situation as there is no way of cancelling a unwanted booking either.  

Does anyone use a channel manager that can offer this feature.  We have several apartments on various sites and want to be sure that everything runs automatically, we do not want to have to manually close each apartment down each evening, its not always possible to be connected, and being human we forget.

Peter 4 years ago

Hello CPRentals, I can't even find "Minimum Advance Reservation" to set this up. Where is it?