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Tip Tuesday #8: How to Identify demand

Hi Everyone, 

Today’s tip is centred around demand. For some, your region may be showing some early signs of #Rebuilding already. Determining who you should be targeting requires asking yourself three key questions: 

  1. Are you getting as much domestic bookings as your competitors? 
  2. What percentage of your customers are travelling for business? 
  3. What devices are your customers using to make their bookings? 

Our Booker insights report can answer all 3! The report can show you how many bookings your property receives and how this compares to your region or your competitors. Data can be viewed as recently as the last 7 days. Have a look into your Extranet to see if there are opportunities you can leverage now. 

How have you used the Booker insights report recently? Share your experience below!

3 years ago

Hello BrookAve! Thanks for sharing this. I double-checked the link, it works for me. Will you please try to open it once again later or share a screenshot?