Tonight’s resrvation

I can not fulfil this last minute reservation. I have messaged the guest.not had a response I can not cancel through the extra net I need to contact them.

BrookAve 3 years ago




Never post here when its of this nature , always pick up the phone and call BdC Partner Support.


Reminder Partner Support will never see this.

Posting account or action requests here will result in nothing.



 Message or Call BdC PartnerSupport ***


  1. In the extranet, go to the ‘Inbox’ tab.
  2. Select ‘Booking.com messages’.
  3. Right Pane - Click on ‘See Contact Options’
  4. Choose Account
  5. Now choose Other
  6. Then at bottom , See all contact options, and click Message or Call
  7. As there is no one number for all partners, the number for your nearest BdC Partner Support is then revealed.


*** public main lines via Where you can reach us

how to contact partner support via private assigned number in inbox



Kind Regards


K Nirmal Kumar… 3 years ago

I strongly recommend Booking .com must have some alternate communication other than calling to B2C. I doubt the messaging through pulse reach the guest if they have booked through alternate channels,  My first guest indeed arrived much before checking time , I did receive them , and accomedated them , Even review I took in writing since they did not have access to Booking com !!

BrookAve 3 years ago

stop hijacking topics , going off topic, with random ramblings.