Trouble guest(s)

Hello community 

We are here seeking some advice regards to some guests that making troubles for us.

Long story short, the guests are not happy that we declined their request for free cancellation. And left bad review on google, we are ok that they left the reviews. However, they made another reservation for many people now to block our weekend, even they dont want to stay, we believe he just going to cancel the reservation right before the free cancellation period.

So we are seeking some advices, is it possible to cancel their reservation from our end (as hostel), or any other advices?

Thank you, and looking forwards to any advices.

BrookAve 2 years ago

Yes of course you can.


Goto the last reservation,  click report guest, and also tick block guest from future.

Add note scammer.

Submit it.


Now contact partner support that you got a new booking from same guest that you just reported and marked blocked, and you want to expedite cancellation. 


Go to the 2nd new reservation click request cancellation,  option1 not 2.

Then contact partner support by phone to expedite 


Let us know how you get on



Nicholas WANG 2 years ago

Thank you for your help, I will get on it now, and see how it will turn out.