Trouble opening guest messages

I have always had trouble opening guest messages from my inbox. Bit of a pain as had to open booking of individual guest to reply to them. This is ok I manage, just a bit of a nuisance. Now the problem is now I have a message from someone wishing to book but they have a query. This I have no booking to open! So I can’t answer message. Anyone else with this problem. Can you help. 

LouiseMHS 4 years ago

I have not had this problem. I go to the 'Inbox' tab on the Dashboard, click once to reveal 2 drop-down tabs. One is 'Guest messages' and the other 'Booking.com messages'. Clicking on 'Guest messages' does the trick. I then can reply to guests from there. I hope you can get this to work for you as it is quite handy. Good luck.