Try to make cancellation for the guests booking in 48 Hrs

If I want to cancel my guest reservation in 48 hrs, what step I can follow or anywhere that can cancel direct in booking.com.


Thank you.


BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Cy Lee


First mistake was replying to your own topic first, as it removes it from the unanswered list.

In this case what I would do is , open the details page for it, and send a message template for cancelling, make one to reuse if you have yet to do it.


This part is important, as it means you are directly dealing with the guest.

Keep it simple, short concise, no waffle and no over explaining why.


Once you send that  now on the details page , right pane, click on Request To cancel and choose option 2

Now you wait for the guest to get both emails, once they click on  the action in the second email to accept and confirm that is it cancelled.


If they prepaid BdC they will be issued a full refund.


Note: if you have a prepay and deposit policy, and they have not done so you can instead choose option 1 on cancellation.


If you involve BdC support they may invoice  you for relocation.


Contact BdC- Location of Partner Only Phone number and Message methods