Two rooms combined as one saleable unit ?

Hi All!

I have no clue how to achieve the following in booking.com:

I have two rooms (A & B) but for internal reasons I only want to rent B out in combination with A. So for example: A can be booked by a couple in which case B stays unoccupied that night. Or the couple has two children, in which case they can book A & B together as a single item.

How do I do this?

I would prefer to create a room 'A-only' in booking.com and also a room 'A&B-combined'. But if I do that, 'A-only' is still avilable to be booked after someone booked 'A&B-combined', which of course is a big No-No.

If I set up 'A-only' and 'B-only', then B-only can be booked with unrelated guests in A-only, which is also a No-No. In other words: How do I make A-only unavailable automatically as soon as  A&B has been booked.

Any working solution is highly appreciated!



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Thomas (Austria) 4 years ago

i have some room combinations like yours as connected "familyrooms". i sell them with a occupancy from minimum 2 up to maximum 5 persons. if only 2 persons sleep in, they use only 1 room, the 2nd stays untouched. if 3 and more persons are booked they use both rooms. i have set up rates by occupancy for these rooms.