uccupancy for an appartment - switch between adults and children

Dear all,

we have an appartment and want to switch between occupancy with two adults + two children or four adults. Beds are for four adults. Therefore the search engine does not provide our appartment at a search for 2+2. What option do we have to choose in the settings?

Thanks for your help.

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jaybeegee 3 years ago

hello! Try logging into the BDC Admin Portal and go to Property>Property Layout>Bed options and occupancy - you can set the occupancy of adults vs children from here.

Let us know if you still have issues!


BrookAve 3 years ago




Simply no , thats just messing and trying to have your cake and eat it too.


Just pick one and stick to it.


If you try to flip flop the config, its going to use you a must bigger issue, such as not appearing on search results when it matters to the audience you are trying to get.

and more....

So on your head be it if you try to do this. You have been given fair warning its a bad idea.


Kind Regards