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UK covid tier 3 guests

Hi, just wondering what thoughts (or policies!) are regarding the new 3 tier covid restriction system we have in the UK. 

When I check through my bookings the guest details all say "address not available". While I don't feel it's my job to enforce travel restrictions, I don't anticipate any help from BdC in filtering or cancelling bookings made from areas that are subject to non essential travel bans, but I don't necessarily trust that guests will adhere to restrictions either (I had to deal with some very unpleasant people who were trying to book during the first wave and national lockdown when the property was closed but the channel manager hadn't synced making it still bookable!)

Likewise I don't want to be in breach of any rules/laws/policies by inadvertently having guests stay who "shouldn't" be traveling.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance x

BrookAve 3 years ago



Like you said , who should be enforcing travel restrictions..


With that said, essential travel of what the guest considers that is entirely their perrogative.


At end of the day its entirely your decision. Even if there is local restrictions, once you have your ducks in a row and procedures and ways to accommodate their arrival, then I would just let them come.


There are plenty of clever and innovative ways to operate in the current climate.


I would straight away go to extranet property > policies and set Guest must provide phone number and address.

Then message them all and say : " Please provide phone number and full address as it was not collected at time of booking", Thank you kindly'


Remember just because a booking has another country flag showing does not actually mean that is where they are coming from.

They could in fact be coming from same country or booking for their mother etc Yes that actually happened.


Kind regards

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Kirsty 3 years ago
Thanks, yes I've noticed that is actually only govt "advice" to not travel unnecessarily, so I guess that leaves it open to interpretation!
Sergei - Commu…
3 years ago

Hello Kirsty and Ray! Great to see you in the Partner Community. Thank you for raising an interesting question. I featured your post, so more partners can read it and join the conversation.