Un blocking rooms

Previously I blocked certain types of rooms for the month of July ,as we had bookings , now those bookings have been cancelled and I would like to open them back I am struggling to do so . It keeps saying that I must change at least one of the rates but am not too sure what it is on about . I have tried the open / close rooms segment but still does not work , if someone can offer some advice that would be great and much appreciated . With best wishes, Howard

BrookAve 3 years ago



Hi Howard,


Please capture exactly what the notification is.


Are you referring to the suggestion box for changing to Flexible 1 Day ?


I would just use the Calendar in List View, make sure bulk edit to open all the dates forward.

Then set the availability count.

Rinse and repeat for each room type.



Kind Regards


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Tampatdoaman 3 years ago


A very good afternoon to you and "Thank you" for taking the time to try and help . I went to the calendar and have tried to adjust but when I came to the open / close room section it came up with the below :

Tip: This room type has restrictions set for some rate categories during your selected date range. Restrictions might block some dates from being bookable, in which case these dates will only be opened if restrictions are changed.

I have had a look at the restrictions and the rates but can not see anything different , as such I could not change anything and it still will not let me un block the rooms .........So I am still scratching my head and not able to open the rooms .........Any chance you might be able to explain more ?

With best wishes, 


Nasri Mshah 3 years ago

hello, im new in here. recently i accidently tap on button bulk view. now all my room are in red. how do i change them to normal back? the problem is the red look like closed forever. i dont know where to stop