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Unable to delete property

I setup 'new' property - in order to change some settings that were wrong. Now I am unable to delete the other property.  I have contacted BDC - and they have told me - no you can't delete it.

The 'Property is set to 'Closed' / Not bookable

But it still shows up in Pulse App - which is no use to me at all.

and every time I login to extranet - I see my 'Group' - of two properties.. 
the one you can never delete - and my property listing.

I understand for 'Legal' reasons - this 'data' must exist - until the end of time - but do you need to keep pushing it in my face - that I made i mistake that I can't ever delete ?   Or could the 'Default' option of the Group page show my 'Active' Property.  ( and if need I could click - show all - to see the other 'Closed' Properties. )  - And there really is no need to show this - 'Ghost Listing' on the Pulse App

< / Rant >

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fluff 5 years ago

Was it really not possible, with BDCs help, to correct the original?

Until a proper solution is found, replace the main photo on the old property for a picture with referral data to the new listing, then delete all your user applied data from the old listing as well. Should at least minimise any confusion.

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MikeM 5 years ago

It's not listed online... so it's only annoying to me, no one else can see it.