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unauthorised pets

Hi , What are your thoughts about dealing with guests that arrive with a pet when your advertising as a no pets gite ?

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Allan Withers 4 years ago


Yes it does happen and i think we will come across it again. We just point out that we don't allow pets in our rooms as stated on our site and confirmation of their booking.

Worst comes to worst that you may let them stay for the one night only as long as their pet stays in the car.

We have in the past stripped all linen on the beds and supplied base sheets only and they needed to supply their own quilts etc. Expensive procedure if the haven't brought this with them.

You could also check other accommodation providers in your area that accept pets.

On our return confirmation we notify that "Please Note - we do not accept pets with this booking"

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La Ville de Mainguy 4 years ago

Thanks for that , i will adopt your return confirmation note I think then there is absolutely no confusion .


Many thanks