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Unclear that our Home stay is on an Island

Good evening

We are fairly new to and our property is quite unique in that its part of an Eco Learning Centre we are creating.

The problem is that we are located on Koh Dach which is also known as Silk Island in Phnom Penh Cambodia about 10 km from the main tourist area.

To get here it requires you to cross the Mekong River by car ferry and so our guests should be looking for a unique experience not just a cheap room.

The introduction created by does not make it clear where we are and so we are getting no-show after no-show.

How can we make it clearer where we are because we have no control over what is in the introduction on the ad ?

BrookAve 4 years ago


Hi Kimberley


You can :

  • Edit and submit - View My Descriptions under Property menu to clarify it.
  • Add a photo with text.
  • Add a screen snip of a google map from point A to  location.


Also would love to see the listing so would you please take a brief moment to link your property listing into your profile. Thanks


How & Why Add your Listing to your Partner Community Profile


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Kimberley Burton 4 years ago

Hello Barry

I have uploaded a link and we go through those tips.

When I spoke to Booking,com staff they said the primary introduction was machine created off what information we provided and so I have tried to update that but it did not change