[Unsolved Bug]Facilities & Services page isn't working for some properties.

So for the last 4 days my Property>Facilities & Services page isnt working.

Its showing me 

Sorry, this page isn't working.

Try refreshing it or returning in a while.

Or you can return to the previous page.

 Although i contacted Booking support from the fist day nobody seems to care about this problem.

As i own two properties, i checked if this problem is general but its not. My second property page is working great.

Does anybody have the same problem and has anybody any idea to who i should contact for this 

(IT department,Dev ops) except the booking customer service with is consistently slow and unable to tell you more than "sorry we are working on it" .

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Kala


try <ctrl. + <F5> on the browser to clear cache.


what browser you using?

if you can test it on another device and let me know the results.