Urgent Assistance Needed: Non-refundable Rates Unavailable Despite Configuring Flexible Rates

  • Hello Booking Community Support Team,

I trust this message finds you well. My name is Yasser Lengliz, and I am reaching out to you urgently regarding an issue I am encountering with my property listing.

Upon receiving a notification, I learned that non-refundable rates are still unavailable for my property. The red message reads as follows: "Right now, guests can only book your property if you set up flexible rates. Once we finish verifying your property, you’ll be able to set up non-refundable rates."

In response, I promptly added flexible rates and meticulously configured the calendar. Despite my efforts, my property remains unbookable, and the issue persists.

I kindly seek your support in resolving this matter at your earliest convenience. While I have diligently followed the necessary steps, it appears there might be a technical glitch preventing the activation of non-refundable rates.

To provide you with a comprehensive overview, I have also settled all outstanding invoices related to my property. I mention this to ensure that all aspects of my account are in good standing, and there are no outstanding matters that could be contributing to the issue.

I kindly ask you to review my property listing, the implemented changes for flexible rates, and the settlement of my invoices. If additional steps or verifications are required from my end, please provide clear guidance so that I can address the matter promptly.

Your swift attention to this matter is highly appreciated, as I am eager to make my property available for booking with non-refundable rates as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance.


  • Best regards,

Name: Yasser Lengliz
Proprety ID: 10331939
Email: yosrlengliz@gmail.com