Using Smart Locks for keyless access


There is a simple fundamental issue with having keys to manage..


  • Guest looses key while out and about.
  • Not having spare keys.
  • Spare key gets used and you forget to get more copies or unavailable at unsocial hours.


So why not simplify access and this headache by implementing a keyless system.


Partners will vary from hotels with 20+ rooms to individuals trying to simply rent out short stay lets of their spare rooms to apartments.

Therefore the small Partner might feel like this is only an option for hotels with bigger budgets.


As with most tech , we evolve to a point where newer technology comes common place and more easily accessible to even the small partner with a single room.


Maybe you travel for work, your day job and want to automate as such as possible so Guests can book online, prepay online, automatically  receive messages with every detail about the property, check-in how-to etc.

To the point of you do not even need to be on site for them to check-in.



One such budget setup kit for anyone to easily implement is made up of :

  • Yale Keyless Smart Lock
  • Yale Z-wave module 2
  • Night latch kit
  • Samsung SmartThings Hub V3 or newer
  • Samsung SmartThings Classic - Android app v2.18.1 as of Nov 2019.
  •  [optional : Amazon Echo Show, Echo Plus] 


Here are some video guides on setup and pairing  to get you started:





There are many other related vides on and similar setups and combinations of amazon Alexa etc.


How can I add a door code for a new Guest and inform them of it.?


The only manual part realistically is after you receive a new booking, do the following:

  • Note the reservation or booking number, the last 4 to 6 digits.
  •  Update your auto message template for new reservations to state you will send a door code prior to their arrival, e.g. 2 days prior.
  • Install on your android smart phone the 'Smart Things Classic ' app.
  •  Open it and tap on Smart Locks, and then 'Lock Codes'
  • Here you tap Add a lock code
  • Enter Who will be using code as "BdC Dec 24th 1N Santa"
  • Tap and assign the code to lock, choosing which smart lock you want to apply the code to.
  •  Now enter the last  4 - 6 digits of the booking number.
  •  Remember this lock requires the user to wake the lock by touch, then enter the code and also at end press * (star).
  • Create a How-To youtube video marked as private with link. and include that link in your auto message template.
  • Send a reminder with the video short URL and their personal code at least 48 hours or 2 - 3 days prior to arrival.


Remember not everyone is tech savvy, hence why the video is very handy to see. and sending the info days prior gives them time to view and have their ducks in a row so that they don't turn up at night late , phone  battery depleted, and have not written down their down code 



There are many smart lock types from yale and others like August, and more expensive.

I would love to find one suitable for internal room doors with common lever (basta/union key locks) to replace , upgrade to keyless easily.


The beauty of the Yale Keyless locks is they can also be used with a NFC card, fobs, and a code.

So for your cleaners you can give them a preset fob or a NFC card to put in their phone cover or wallet to gain access.


There is a battery pack on the inside and can last along time. It also has a 9V square battery bypass feature if you need to unlock after the inside battery pack expires while you are away and return.


As with any such system for long term set single codes shared, setup a policy and calendar reminder to cycle, change them every 2 months.


You can even do a one time code and delete it later when the person has done the task assigned.


I would also recommend using this type of system in combination with a minimum  two smart cloud connected cameras. One for inside the door and one for outside it. Will do a separate topic on Video door bells with intercoms and camera setups.


Kind Regards




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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Barry, thanks for posting very helpful information.

This is another issue that I have been looking and have questions about it.  

I wonder what happens if you forget the pin no....no entry...you sleep outside...ha...ha..

I am intersting in purchasing one, I am just searching to find which one is the one and not too expensive.

Thanks again for sharing.


BrookAve 3 years ago

Hi Maria,


1. Guest forgets pin.

In my automatic message template  -New Reservation.


I have near the top mandatory 'READ ALL OF THIS". Included is a section on how to access with a YouTube video link on how to get in past the second door using Guest Personal door code.


I also mentioned that if they come home late and so intoxicated, that there is no guaranteee any one will hear the mat the door or if they use the doorbell.


Drinking irresponsibility is their bad choice therefore its on them to return in a fit state to gain entry.


They can be clever and have the app on their phone to access the BdC messages , WhatApps message I send with the perosnal code.


Alternatively , every smart phone has a 'notepad' app so a short summary of their entire trips including the door code can be save all in one place.


At end of the day there is only so much you can do and provide, so at that point it is up to the Guest to be smart and organised.




There are additional accessories such as the Phone Tag Tile, NFC Credit card size door key, and Key Fob to attach t othe key ring of the beroom.


Amazon sells these along with some others.




2. Purchasing a YALE KeyLess Smart Lock

There is a pack with a nightlatch.


Separately a Z-WAVE Module 2. But depending on which environment you want or need there are different modules,








Say goodbye to your keys

One Touch Control

Unlock your door with one simple tap

Up to 20 users

Use a mix of up to 20 PIN codes, key tags and key cards

Enhanced Encrypted Security

Enhanced security to prevent unauthorised access

Easy to fit

Get your Smart Door Lock up and running in no time

Tamper Alarm

Protected by an 80db internal alarm

Battery powered

No wires, no hassle. Easy to replace


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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago


Like Smart Lock very much but my husband does not like tech very much and he is not very supportive...

I have to find a way to convince him....

Thanks Barry for this massive information...very helpful indeed.

Have a pleasant day...