I am having troble finding the booking confirmation-template. 

I want to be sure the guests get all propper information, and a better "welcomeletter" - before the come. 

Best regards André Jenssen 

BrookAve 4 years ago


Hi André Jenssen


You will find messaging templates under Property > Messaging preferences.

I find putting everything concisely in the first auto message including policiyes and rules is best.


Also the order in which you write it can be important too. Lets not forget people do not weant to read long messages despite how important all the detail is.


So prioritise a 'section 1' and tell them at top mandatory read section 1 at a minimum. You could even put in there also , prepayment direct if not using BdC prepay, how to instructions etc..


Kind Regards,


Happy new year.


PS Don't forget to link your property to your profile here so we can see it :)