Verification of Property Location

Good afternoon,

I have been trying to upload my videos for the above.  It has vailed on numerous occasions over the last two days.   B because that did not work, I requested a sms to my phone to go through the other way of uploading, that did not work.

Earlier this year, I had a phone call out of the blue asking me too do a video of my property, as I could not clarify who this person was, I asked her to send a message via my account, she did and I replied that I was happy to accept a call to clarify my location, I am still waiting for that phone call.


Please do not send me details of how to upload the video, I know how to do that, nor advice as to what the video contains, I just want someone to tell me why my there is an error uploading and what can be done about it.Message after trying to load my videos