Visual : Contact BdC Partner Support as a Registered Partner - Private Number Versus Public main lines


As a registered 'Property Partner' you have access to an assigned private number for BdC Partner Support.

This is also where you can submit messages to log a case or ticket for an issue, enquiry etc. on many topics.  Just make sure to choose the right topic and sub-topic.


If you cannot find just use Account , Other.


how to contact partner support via private assigned number in inbox



The public main lines are not direct to Partner Support but can be routed to the various departments required.



The new Contact Us on page footer despite being recently revised is still a mess.

The main line list is not obvious as to where it is. Its on the right pane.


This is the list >>>Where you can reach us  ,  anyone even if not registered can use this list.



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jaybeegee 3 years ago

very cool indeed - thank you for sharing.

out of curiosity what tool have you used to record the vid?