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Want more bookings? Try the Preferred Partner Program

If you’re a hotel with multiple rooms, you can qualify for this program. If you’re a boutique hotel with a few rooms or a vacation rental property it is near impossible to qualify. The program needs a rewrite so that smaller Boutique Hotels and vacation rentals can can never qualify.
In order to boost your performance score, the opportunity center has opportunities which would be detrimental to any small hotel or vacation rental. I. E. Allowing cancellations up until day of arrival. Accepting reservations without a credit card. Accepting reservations without an address, or cvc code. (Need address and cvc to process a credit card). When you only have a few rooms or a single vacation rental, the information and cancellation policies are necessary to do business.
Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

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fluff 4 years ago

Unfortunately for small properties revenue is part of the equation applied to offering the PP program to properties. Which, seeing as how an extra percentage is paid to BDC anyway, I find difficult to justify.

That is despite ourselves qualifying to be offered it.