once you list with booking.com you cant get out of it easily, they make sure the person that rings you does not speak your language and hurts your ears so you have no choice but to hang up.


They rent your house out and then charge you money later for the privilage  airbnb and stayz do not so you know where were you stand from the get go


nowhere on their website can you cancel you house

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fluff 3 years ago

All you need to do is remove all availability in the calendar or simply "close-out" your offer(s). That will stop any bookings, then request for the listings to be removed.

If there is no outstanding between you, BDC and guests, your account will be closed.

If you want to be particularly forthright you could remove all the photos and replace it with one that tells potential guests where to reserve instead of BDC. I did this to another agent that refused to listen, soon got their attention ;-)

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Dear Brad,

Sorry to hear that but I am completely satisfied with my BDC service.

fluff has given excellent suggestions if you want to deactivate your listing.