Warning: Smart Locks & SmartThings Classic App End of Life in Oct 2020



Something some of us may be effected by this month, with the closing and migration last call for SmartThings Classic App.


SmartThings new app is asking all classic app users regardless of region to migrate to it from Classic app release.


The implication is if you are not in USA, the non USA region app for latest SmartThings will not allow you t o migrate your smart locks, and leave you  high and dry.

Yep thats right Samsung USA are giving the finger to all other regions and only allowing USA users to migrate their  smart locks.

I had started a campaign to stop this from happening for EU users, on twitter. SmartThings , didnt even bother to acknowledge it.

I found out from a developer that  they have the feature in the new app for only USA region users.


What can you do for now before you loose connectivity from ST classic app?


Populate all the code slots, with new codes and note them down.


example Yale Keyless users can have up to 20 users. So preset 20 new codes.



What then can I do going forward ?


  • Not a whole lot but wait for someone to come up with an alternative, could be 2021.
  • Wait for Samsung UK/IE/EU to release the same USA app with smart lock support, could be 2021 or never


There was one old website article on a 3rd party app but its really only friendly for those who like to tinker with smart home tech.


If I manage to figure it out and simplify it,  I'll do up a guide on it.


Kind Regards.