We are fully booked from 14 April to 17 April 2022. What do I do on this site to close bookings for my guesthouse?

I do not want to chat.  I just want to  make sure there are no bookings! Who can I phone or how do I book my property to show that we do not have any rooms available???????

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Alex - Content… 1 year ago



Partner Help might have the answer for you in this article: https://partner.booking.com/en-gb/help/rates-availability/room-settings…


In particular this bit for a list-view calendar:

If you use the list view calendar, here’s how to open or close a room or unit for travellers to book on specific dates:

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Click on Rates & Availability and then click on Calendar
  3. Dates that appear in green are currently open and bookable, and dates that appear in red are currently closed and not bookable. Click on the Room status field for the date and room or unit you want to open or close.
  4. The colour of the field will change when the status is updated. If something is stopping you from opening or closing the room or unit, a popup window will appear containing more details. Follow the instructions in this popup window, then click on Save. The colour of the field will change to confirm that the status has been updated.

If you're on a monthly-view calendar the process is similar. You can find instructions using the link I shared above


Hope this helps!