What is mean't by a 'facility'?

Hi All you B.com partners. This a general enquiry that is turning my hair grey with the scores given in reviews. Don't get me wrong the scores do matter but what gets under my skin is a guest giving a score of 4(/10) but not giving an explanation as to why!!! When B.com advise us to reply to the reviews i never get an answer from the reviewer. My point is if i get a score lower, than say 6, i would like to why so i can do something about it and provide a better service to my future guests. Does anyone else have these kind of thoughts or is it just me? Look forward to getting some replies.

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Ganesh Nqa 4 years ago

Fully agreed. I share your views. BCom should ensure that any guest who gives a rating 6 or less must point out things that need to be attended / improved. otherwise the rating is not vey useful.

Alinshrah 4 years ago


When you get much higher ratings from most people and someone giving a poor rating is a concern. 

Any explanation of the reasons will help us to improve. Definitely, different people see things differently.

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Allan Withers 4 years ago

Agree as well, anything below a 6 or 7 should explain why they were not happy with.

I had one a few months ago saying the bed was "rough as guts" ok after a few drinks! Their bed was only 6mths old and an industry standard (firm) Other comments on this style of bed has always been very comfortable, had a great nights sleep! Perhaps these people are more a custom to a water bed, who knows. But to have a Rough as guts as comment doesn't really explain anything.

Malana Moberg 8 months ago

I am confused by the meaning of the categories "facilites" and "location"...anyone help?