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What's the meaning of Comfort mentioned in the guest review?

What is the meaning of comfort which has mentioned in review score? Because I'm confused. We have given lotsbof facilities but i got 7. 5 marks for the comfort.

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Aaltje B. 5 years ago

I am sure Mashi you give your all and offer the best. Then a 7.5 is a pretty "low" score. And that is frustrating.

But if we could, we would ask: Why not a 10?

The bed too hard or too soft, noisy road nearby, or noisy neighbours? Too cold or too hot etc. These are all things to consider, and so hard to do it right for everyone, since , yes - everyone is different.

What you can do is tell peope to tell you if there are any wishes or complaints. That will help them to feel at ease and they would let you know quicker then when you wouldn't mention it.

But I am sure you are telling your guests already something in that line, when they arrive. And there is nothing you can do when people rate you low when grumpy.

Just keep smiling and keep the music on,


Aaltje B.

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Benita Cyster 5 years ago

So agree Aaltjie guests reviews are very confusing especially in your face they sre the happiest and applaud you then review totally the opposite. we are so use to that and do ot put my heart on the reviews at all. i have also started to challenge them in my responses especially if untrue and far fetched. All travellers has unique tastes and personalities which none of us can ever all satisfy for sure.

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Katerinka12 5 years ago


I honestly don't understand why people instead of making a good friendship with the host do "especially in your face they are the happiest and applaud you then review totally the opposite."

It's wonderful to go to a new place and make friendship with the host. Why people would leave reviews for Strangers??? For people that they never actually met. They just pass by good opportunity and let it go. Dropping like a hot pancake :)

So, review is a good opportunity. Mashi, reply with a good, powerful answer. Don't forget to self promote. Keep answering how comfortable your place is :) After I started to answer back instead of taking reviews deep to the heart, I got so many overbookings. People wake me up in the middle of the night when they know that property is already booked. May be a review played a role. Grab the opportunity.

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Mashi Niwarthana 5 years ago

Thank you so much guys... I'll follow all the ways what you told. It will be very helpful for my journey..

Thanks again.

Best wishes from SriLanka..