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When is a cancellation a no-show?

Hello. Can anyone point us to the definition of a no-show versus a same-day cancellation please?

The issue we are repeatedly having is that guests book and then cancel an hour (sometimes less) before their given arrival time ie; on the day of arrival very close to when they told us they would have been here.'s cancellation policy options, we think, rate this as still OK as it is in the "7 days before arrival".

We beg to differ and rate the day of arrival is a no-show.  In real terms, these guests have blocked a room and rendered it impossible for us to re-book so we lose out and we cannot even charge them the no-show fee as per our policy.  We use the flexible 7-day option at 50% with 100% set for no-shows.

Your thoughts as always, are welcome. UF

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Amanda/Kevin,


Thank you for taking the time to add property link to partner profile.


No Show is defined as a booking check-in date comes and go without Guest turning up by 01:00 on day 2.


Same-Day Cancellation , only means the same day the booking is made , the guest requests to cancel.


I strongly recommend, enable prepayment to help manage this better. and stricter cancel policy. 

Kind Regards