When guests/potential guests ask lots of questions about property

Hi there - long time landlord/owner but newbie to Booking and other platforms. I get quite a few enquiries from this and other platforms from booked guests and potential guests asking me to describe the property. I started replying rather enthusiastically...then I thought about the risk. I spent hours loading very accurate information so guests know exactly what they will get. It made me wonder

1. Why they do it? and

2. Will I sound rude if I give minimal information and politely refer them to the site.

I own a few properties and I am worried I will overshare information and end up creating expectations additional to what the property actually offers. Am I being too cautious?

thank you in advance to all of you experts out there!!

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Blue Canary 5 years ago

I think you can share lots of information without the specific location. I always try to be as prepared as possible when I am a guest, so I understand when I receive lots of enquiries. Myself and my family have specific dietary needs so I need to know that I will be able to get to an eatery relocation that is convenient.

It might seem like a pain but it’s a job after all.

Joe's Lookout … 5 years ago

Thanks Blue Canary I don't mind doing it, I just wonder what else they need to know.

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M Adamopoulou 5 years ago

Hello! Classetter and welcome to the forum. Most guests ignore any messages send to them. Very strange that yours request so much information. I guess you have to share info if it’s request it.
Keep well...

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Rita 5 years ago

Answer to the best you can. Usually questions are asked about the property and not so much about the location. My experience is that potential guests who ask a lot of questions are not booking with you.