Where to set a Mother-child setting in listings?

Hello there,

Since this month i'm renting out a huge 3-storey holiday villa. In the high season i want to rent it out as a whole, but i guess demand for a huge villa is to low in the off-season so i want to rent it out as different apartments (each floor as its own apartment).

Now i made a listing for the whole villa, which is online for a while. I now made a new listing for the 3 apartments, which are also online. The apartments are only bookable from 15 Sept.-15 May, but the whole house is bookable for every single day. I want to setup the system in such a way, that if one of the apartments is booked those dates will be blocked on the calendar of the entire villa.

I believe i've seen such an option to setup a mother-child listing relationship on the extranet somewhere, but i can't find it anywhere anymore, and neither can i find it in the help contents or with google. Can anyone give me directions on where i can find these settings?


BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Roel,


  1. As long as their is no overlap on the listings' calendars you should be fine.
  2. No there is not automation tools, for something like that you would need to review a Channel manager service to see if that have such a feature set and then sign up.
  3. I have never seen such a Mother-Child setting, other than extra bed/cribs, age policy etc...


best to follow up with contacting partner support, as per the 3mthoeds below




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