Why is the synchronizing with external calenders not possible.


I'm trying to synchronize my Accomodations registered on Booking.com with my external calender. Sadly the option to sync the calender is not available and i dont know why. I know the instructionspage, but it's not helpful. In this there are the the needs described. 

To import or export calendars, you'll need:

  • A property with 20 room types or less, and a maximum of 1 unit per room type.
  • A property that doesn’t use XML connectivity services like property management systems (PMS) or channel managers.

I can't figure out the problem and need some help.

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BrookAve 2 years ago


How many rooms of each Type do you have?


Like Ise of Wight and myself have said time and time again, dont even bother with it, its unusable and does not auto trigger on new bookings.

Which leads to double bookings and a mess to cancel the newer guest. Which in turn if they dont play ball can result in them being relocated by BdC and BdC invoice you for their stay elsewhere.


Sign up for and implement a 3rd party channel manager instead.





cloudbeds etc


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