wrongly booked a room

Dear booking.com,


We have a problem with a booking that is booked through Agoda and then sold to you. We had this problem already 3 times. all 3 times the guest have booked a seaview room, but in our system the room is sold as a gardenview room (a downgrade) I am not sure what is going wrong with your system but you are making us look like a fool. And the guest request also a payment for less. 


Can you please tell what is going on and can you promise that is wont happen in the future. It is very bad for our guest and our reputation. 


Can you please call about this matter!

I already call agoda.com and they tell me it is your fault! 




1511 coconut grove


BrookAve 4 years ago


Hi Jip


You should update your photos to cover this and then also contact support by phone to discuss other options.