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You can't message the guest after his review

Dear partners,

After the guest leaves his review, Booking automatically blocks Booking messaging with him.

Booking recently started to do that without properly notifying us. That's why I opened this topic, so you will be informed about such situation.

So, what does it mean to us? If the guest uses fake name, fake telephone number and leaves the bad review (or good one), you can't contact him at all.

You can reply to his review, but you can't contact the guest to clarify what exactly he didn't like. Unless you already have his real contact details.

So, my suggestions are the following:

1) collect personal contact details

As much as you can, collect the real telephone number (email) of the guest. In this case, you can contact him at least if he left you bad review, damaged the property and other situations that require communication with the client directly.

We all know, that Booking doesn't help at all, if the client stole something or damaged the property. So, proper identification and real personal contact details can help you.

Please, keep in mind that even if you have the client's contact details, it does not mean the person will answer. Especially if he did something wrong. When Booking allowed communication through Booking messages, at least there was a small chance to see the reply as people think it's recorded, but now we don't have such "feature".

2) respond to bad review

Use this as opportunity to market yourself, promote and provide information for Next client. If the client is a ghost, who in the first place never wanted to communicate with the host, left fake number and blocked the communication with you (with help of Booking), then what's the sense to use Public response trying to solve matters with him?

I hope this information was helpful, especially for those who practice self check in and don't check identity of the guests.

When blocking your communication through Booking messaging system, Booking refers to Privacy Statement for Business Partners:

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fluff 3 years ago

Yes, I noticed this change as well. Maybe some hosts have been sending unsolicited messages to guests after the fact? Maybe a new toughening on a rule that BDC have to answer/react to.

We always gather as much contact information as the guest is happy to give at check in.

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C297 3 years ago

yes, i see this is new. Which is a pity because it was nice to send a friendly message to guests who were particularly nice.

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Katerinka12 3 years ago

They left a possibility to answer the review, so the host can thank you the guest.

While Booking is fighting for the "privacy", again they do something for themselves only as it's through their platform communication happens. But again it's the host who will suffer. Not having the possibility to send message to the guest on his fake mobile and Booking, what host shall do, if someone forgot a valuable item? That happens pretty often. In many countries not returning the item to the owner means theft. So, Booking messaging to guests after staying is a necessary feature and great advantage to Booking reputation.

I also don't understand why Booking cares for reputation with the guests only and never with hosts. I already forgot about that noble feeling when you treat your partner as valuable treasure.

After their multiple one way decisions and taking more than 3(!) months to verify the property, but asking me for money for zero stays, I don't take them too seriously.

Their money go to Airbnb, big time and I am sure I am not only one person, who does it. In my country Booking is no longer popular. Airbnb and even Expedia are doing better. And for only, only one reason - they communicate well with hosts.

Ahmed El Nagar 3 years ago

There is option on booking don't allow to anyone to book till he provide his phone number on the reservation and the address also.


You will not use the address but if you modify your sittings to let anyone have to put his phone number on the reservation so now you can back to his phone number after he leave if you need it.


And BTW the guest wrote his personal information on the RC but al of them their find is so bad so the option I have you will be the best ...


Best Regards