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On the 15th of May a guest changed their reservation dates- we had no sms notification (we had one from BDC minutes before and later that evening- but not for this booking.)

No email notification was received- we had earlier that evening from BDC and the next morning but not for this booking??

We now have a double booking- has anybody had this before or can they explain this??

I have checked all communications on our spam and cloud storage- nothing was sent to us.






  1. Rename form INFO, to property name or First Name, Be Sensible!  
  2. THat is a first, and strange, and makes me think its not valid at all.


I would follow u pdirectly by message or phone to the BdC support team,


or message the double booking guest , state no availability and you must cancel it.

then immediately click Request to cancel , and choose option2.

Guest will receive notification to action, and then it is cleared.


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Thanks for that Captain obvious!

That wasn't the question -I am well able to handle the guests the question was has this happened to anybody else?? Does this regularly happen- can I trust booking.coms system??

BDC- wrote to inform me that it was their mistake and they had at that time a 'glitch' in their system no notifications were sent out - hence allowing the double booking and giving us no warning....