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1 or 2 bathrooms???

Hi there, today arrived 2 couples in my apartment, 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, living room and ….. 1 or 2 bathrooms!!? I do not know! They are a little bit upset, because they thought that they will have for every couple their own bathroom. In fact, on Booking, first thing you see in the description of our apartment, it says 2 bathrooms.

But we have 1 bathroom with shower, washbasin and WC and another little “bathroom” with no shower, but washbasin, WC and bidet.

So, how to you call that on Booking? There is only the choice of 1 or 2 bathrooms, not 1,5 bathrooms, as you can do on Airbnb.

Of course, in the description we say that there is one “bathroom” with shower, one little, what we describe as “bagno di cortesia” as we say in Italian, in English: polite bathroom. And we show the photos.

There are some options setting up my apartment, but it looks like, there are made for Hotels with a lot of rooms, even with rooms and the WC on the outside.

Any suggestions to avoid upsetting guests??

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BrookAve 2 years ago



 Yes by definition both of those are called bathrooms, having a shower or not ,does not change that.


Dont compare to other OTA, its utterly pointless.


As long as you have pictures of both bathrooms, then you can also note in the Fine Print section that there are two, and one has a shower, and both are shared bathrooms.


i.e. not ensuite bathroom, not part of a bedroom.


Its their own fault for skim reading and not paying attention.


You can only do your best, there will always be incompetent Guests who are lazy and dont ask questions before booking.


Under Property > Room Amenities…


Make sure under Bathroom:

  • Private Bathroom = NONE
  • Shared Bathroom = All Rooms
  • Bath = NONE
  • Bidet = Some
  • Shower =Some



Kind Regards, Be Safe , Be Well


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Giusy & Friedrich 2 years ago

thanks a lot for your help, but I do not have the choice to select "NONE - All Rooms - Some".

How comes?


PS: tryed to add a screen shot, not able to!