3 insights to monitor guest behaviour changes

Hi everyone!

It's Janita and I am back again with some insights. 

As traveller behaviour continues to change and new travel trends emerge, we’re providing partners with timely customer search insights to help them capture demand. 

It’s as easy as accessing the Analytics tab in your extranet and opening Booker Insights. You can change the view between Country/Region, Travel Purpose and Device. Then compare your property to the Competitive Set, Peer Group or Market to see how you compare. You can even compare with last year to see how behaviour has changed throughout the last 12 months. 

  1. Country/region - use this view to find your split between Domestic and International travellers, and specifically which country they are travelling from. 
  2. Travel Purpose - use this view to see the split between Business and Leisure travellers
  3. Device - use this view to see which device guests are using to book your property and market

By digging into this search data, you can uncover insights tailored to your market over the past and use them to optimise your availability, promotions and policies.


Isle of Wight …

How can hosts / partners trust your data to be correct when we can't even trust your basic calendar data and calendar sync to be correct?

Janita - Accou…

Dear Isle of Wight, 

Thank you again for your continued feedback. Please ensure that this is also reported through the correct channels so that we are sticking to the topic of this post. Should you find evidence that your data in the Analytics tab is incorrect, please report this through the correct channels as well. 

This data is a great way for our partners to delve deeper into what is happening in their regions and adjust strategies accordingly should they like. 

Have a lovely day, all!